Speed up your computer with RAMDisk

You’ve bought yourself a super fast computer with a tonne of RAM, running the latest processor and you’ve been happy about this. A few months later the super fast computer is no longer super fast.


If you’re running 4GBor more RAM, this is where a software like RAMDisk can help. RAMDisk will help you create a RAM disk using your existing memory.

A RAM disk, or RAM drive is software that creates a block of main memory made up of DRAM chips on DIMM modules (volatile memory) to unlock the full potential of your available system RAM.  The computer uses this block of memory as a disk drive (secondary storage).  It is sometimes referred to as a “virtual RAM drive” or “software RAM drive” to distinguish it from a “hardware RAM drive” which is a type of solid-state drive.

The performance of a RAM disk in general, is several times faster than other forms of storage media, such as an SSD (up to 100X) and hard drive (up to 200X). This performance gain is due to multiple factors, including access time, maximum throughput, type of file system, and other factors as well.

By storing files and programs into memory, you can speed up internet load times and disk-to-disk activities, accelerate databases and reduce compile times. Save and load features allow RAMDisk to appear as persistent storage, even through reboots.

RAMDisk is free for personal use and supports up to 4GB drives. If you need more you can purchase the pro version.

Download RAMDisk from company website
Download RAMDisk from FileHippo

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