Speed up your Android device with LagFix

I still have my trusted Nexus 7 2012 version. It's not the fastest tablet in the world, but definitely a handy one that allows me to check my email when I require, play a few games or watch some videos. A few months back I installed CyanogenMod in order to replace the stock android. If… Continue reading Speed up your Android device with LagFix

How to Build an Ecommerce Website Delivering More Profits?

How to Build an Ecommerce Website Delivering More Profits?

Is your online business with a great website designing sucks? Well, it happens to most ecommerce owners in fact. If you really do have a beautifully designed website and high-quality products, and still the business sucks, then obviously you are missing some tricks to convert the leads to sales.

Quickly change your DNS servers with Public DNS Server Tool

Public DNS Servers Tool

Even though you may have a high speed broadband connection, you'd still want to squeeze out some extra juice from it, especially when browsing websites. Switching to a public DNS instead of your ISPs DNS can be extremely useful in achieving this target. As the Google Public DNS website explains some reasons to switch: Provide end users with an alternative to their current DNS service.

Three Freeware Tools to Defragment your Windows Registry

A while ago, I wrote about Ten Tools to Defragment your Hard Disk. Like your hard drive the windows registry is also prone to defragmentation because it is constantly accessed by programs. Fortunately, we have tools that help you clean up your windows registry and defragment the same.