Welcome to the downloads section here on Techtites. Find below a collection of downloads written by me and some of the other writers here on Techtites.

Excel Files

Division with SUMPRODUCT example

Download Division with SUMPRODUCT Example
SUMPRODUCT-division-example.zip - 8.68 KB

Excel File containing VLOOKUP example

Download VLOOKUP examples
VLOOKUP-examples.zip - 10.37 KB

Excel File containing INDEX MATCH example

Download INDEX MATCH examples
INDEX-MATCH-examples.zip - 10.92 KB

Excel File containing Goal Seek example

Download Goal Seek in Excel example
GoalSeek.zip - 3.93 KB

Excel File containing One Variable Data Table example

Download One Variable Data Table
OneVariableDataTable.zip - 8.68 KB

Excel File containing Two Variables Data Table example

Download Two Variable Data Tables example
TwoVariableDataTable.zip - 4.14 KB

Excel File containing SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF and SUMIFS example

Download SUMPRODUCT, SUMIFS and SUMIF example