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    Scanned PDF to Word Conversion Proves That Brain Is Better Than Brawn

    “There’s a way to do it better – find it. Thomas A. Edison”. These are the wise words of Thomas Edison and, by all means, he was right. In today’s digital world, working in informational technology means constantly seeking to improve and develop in each field. It is crucial to always discover new and interesting ways to do better, to increase productivity and to get things done in the most efficient way. Since everything is changing rapidly, people need to learn how to be effective in simple daily tasks. One thing that has become a usual work routine is managing different electronic documents that you receive. No matter which profession…

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    How to Convert Scanned PDFs with PDF Converter

    Different types of professionals like lawyers, accountants, teachers and many others need to share and use a lot of documents in their work, and a great number of them have started to digitize their work in recent years in a positive global trend to minimize the use of paper in business and preserve the forests of Earth. One of the usual and important aspects of work in everyday office environment, besides cutting down the use of paper, is converting all past databases into digital form, which basically means that business professionals often need to scan each paper individually, and save them on their hard drives. The most rewarding format to…

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    3 Reasons to use customized PDF to Excel conversion

    The following is a guest post by the team. Most Excel users need tools for PDF conversion, especially when they want to preserve the spreadsheet data. Converting Excel files to PDF is usually not a daunting task but things get complicated when you need to edit your document and add more data in the same spreadsheet. That’s why it can come in handy to use an advanced option of PDF to Excel conversion, but not many PDF tools have such feature. One PDF tool that has custom PDF to Excel option is PDF Converter Elite 4. It is a tool that converts PDF documents to MS Office and Open…

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    Security and Backup Essentials for WordPress

    WordPress is a cultural phenomenon when it comes to publishing online. What started as a simple blogging tool in 2003 has become the most popular open-source content management system (CMS) in the world powering and millions of sites worldwide. There are a number of alternatives including the very popular Joomla, but the difference with WordPress is the almost cult following that has resulted in some of the best plugins available for a blogging platform. When you first install WordPress it can be difficult to choose which plugins you install first. WordPress doesn’t come preinstalled with any real security or backup abilities, so it’s essential that you start of your…

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    Convert PDF inside Google Drive to Excel and PowerPoint

    In it’s portfolio, Google has a large set of free useful services. One that is most frequently used is Google Drive, which is used for storing and sharing digital data. This service is used by almost everyone because it is free and it integrates with other Google services. A feature that many users like is its ability to convert PDF documents, including scanned PDFs into editable text for further reuse. To access this feature, all you need to do is to right click on the file and click on Open with Google Docs. However if you want to convert a PDF into a spreadsheet, a presentation or an image format,…

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    Lookeen Desktop Search – How to save time through better search

    Everyone creates and shares files and documents, everyone uses email, and everyone struggles to manage the excessive amounts of data flooding into our lives every day. The Findwise Findability Survey 2014 found that time wasted searching and dealing with documents cost organizations more than 20% of their total productivity, and almost $20,000 per employee per year. Lookeen Desktop Search is a great solution for anyone who has ever struggled to find an important email or document, or who has given up on their extensive and time-consuming filing system.   What is Lookeen? Lookeen is a Windows desktop search tool that makes the task of finding your documents, emails, attachments, appointments…

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    MetisMe App Review: How it brings your Gmail attachments together

    This is a guest post by the MetisMe team. Statistics reflect that over 6 billion email attachments are exchanged every day across the globe, and on an average working day, an individual spends almost 30% of his working hours dealing with emails. This includes sorting emails, finding email attachments, organizing and managing them, and sharing and saving them on various cloud drives for a handy access. These mundane tasks result in up to 20% decrease in productivity and a backlog of daily tasks. To solve such issues and many more, MetisMe Attachments App comes into the picture. What exactly is MetisMe? MetisMe Attachments App is basically a Gmail extension –…

  • Nokia XL Dual SIM
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    Nokia XL Review: Is it the durable Android Phone?

    Most of the Android phones look and feel fragile so the users have always wanted something that would be solid and latest in terms of technology. Nokia XL, one step further and larger than the previous model Nokia X, seems like the answer to the solution. The phone comes with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) which you can customize as per your needs. Here’s our take on Nokia XL:- The Good: It’s a Dual SIM Android phone priced affordably at Rs. 10,500. The 5MP Camera comes with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels which is pretty good for a phone. The Fastlane makes it convenient to access our recent apps. Just…

  • Lenovo K900
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    5 reasons to buy Lenovo K900

    Lenovo K900 is a really powerful smartphone with great features. I bought it two months ago and I am really satisfied with all the specifications. Lenovo K900 is a perfect mix of design and performance. There are many things for which I am happy to have it, but among others I will list here the top main reasons. 1. Display Lenovo K900 has an amazing 5.5 inches IPS Display. I really like the clarity of the images and the 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution display. I can easily browse websites and see high resolution images and videos with the best quality. The K900 is one of the first smartphones…

  • Achieving Supreme Mobile Website Usability : 6 Amazing Tips
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    Achieving Supreme Mobile Website Usability : 6 Amazing Tips

    Finding your way around a wide range of mobile websites has become a difficult task for the website owners. When it comes to creating a mobile website, there has been a lack of proper usability in the design. As a result of this, the quality of designs especially for the mobile usability factor has decreased. There is instability in the mobile web design information that is present around the web. Below mentioned are 6 simple and prominent tips to design a more efficient mobile interface and thereby enhance the quality of mobile website usability: Know Your Audience Similar to any other usability article no matter whether it is related to…