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Embedded Options – A Chatwing Embedding Tutorial

A site performs better if you compliment it with a chatting tool to provide customer support. And Chatwing comes second to none when it comes to live chat performance. This chat software has a very efficient chatting capability further augmented by the several features it has.

Google Hangouts

How to switch from Hangouts to old Google Chat

Google introduced Hangouts to replace the old Google Chat interface and most likely you’ll be using this interface in your Gmail interface as well as on your mobile devices. Hangouts added a several features missing from traditional chat including the Group conversations. However, I, for one, prefer the traditional Google Chat interface that gives me a one shot view of who is online and not.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Comparisons: Skype vs. GoToMeeting vs. Google Hangout

Programs that allow you to chat by webcam with friends, family and business associates aren’t really anything new, as they’ve existed in some form for over a decade. But the rise of broadband Internet has led to many improvements in video chat technology. Video and sound quality have gotten better, plus new software tools and web based services have been put in place that give a better user experience.


Chatwing Chat App – Your Multi Functional Sidekick Online

Installing a dynamic and efficient chatbox on your blog is a great way to increase visitor interaction. Chatwing chat box has undergone many developments and it’s been known online for four years now. Chatwing developers have always been open to suggestions and keen with the latest online trends.

Google Talk

Real Time Communication Creates Great Communication

Real time communication can be essential in business and is done mostly through the new technologies that have become standard. This quick method of communication has made way for virtual meetings, speedy conversations and a better connected network where people can be reached no matter the distance. We have listed the top 5 software products to use in case of fast communication.

WhatsApp Error:statusnavailable

Users panic as WhatsApp throws up Error status message

A few hours back WhatsApp started throwing up an Error: status unavailable for all contacts. This was sufficient to trigger mass panic of users addicted to the popular messaging service and this has brought back several variations of the year old hoax chain message. As you can see below is the error message for my profile.

Skype for Windows Phone 8

Skype releases a preview of its Windows Phone 8 app

The Skype team today released a preview of the Skype for Windows Phone 8 app. Available for download in the Windows store. In this Preview, you’ll get all of the Skype basics in the new, modern design along with many of the new features such as integration with the People Hub and a combined contact list with buddies from Windows Live Messenger.

Top 6 Web Based Instant Messengers

Our friends do not always use the same email clients as ours. This means that often we find ourselves communicating via emails and not instant messages because our instant messengers do not support each other’s email account. Even if chatting is possible, many of our IM clients’ features are not usable when we are chatting with somebody of a different email type. For example in Windows Live Messenger, we are able to chat with our Yahoo contacts but we cannot send them Winks.
One solution of course is to use the same instant messaging client. This however can become quite a problem since we cannot keep installing and uninstalling messaging clients. The best solution then becomes using web based instant messengers which allow easy, quick usage without the need of anything’s installation.

Read our list for seven of the top free web based instant messaging clients currently available. See which one is best for you and supports the emails you and your contacts use.

1. Instan-t

Instan-t is a great web based messenger that will let you cross-chat with people from other email services. The services it supports include Windows Live, AOL, GTalk, Yahoo, and ICQ. With Instan-t, users can share pictures and videos, add/block/delete contacts, rename contacts, hold video chats, and send files.

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