So, you want to start a hedge fund?

Have you ever realised that many hedge fund (and private equity) firms have chosen a name following a common “color”+”element” pattern? By sticking to this schema, The Hedge Fund name generator can be use to find the name of your next Hedge Fund or just for fun. Hit the Generate a new name button and you’ll see three dials churn to give you a brand new name.

5 Free Games For Android Phones Worth Checking Out

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You aren’t taking full advantage of your smartphone until you’re playing games on it. Games can greatly help kill time while entertaining you. Having covered a number of iPhone games, today I am going to share 5 great games for the Android based smartphone.

Learn how to tie a tie

One thing that every guy wants to know (besides how to impress a girl) is how to tie a tie and the site hopes to answer this question. 2Tie a Tie gets into the history of various knots and teaches you how to tie them.