Launching Popular Authors WordPress plugin

I’m happy to announce the launch of a new WordPress plugin. Popular Authors is an add-on for Top 10 and allows you to display the… Read More »Launching Popular Authors WordPress plugin

Market Share of Top websites

Exploring the journey of WordPress from a mere blogging software to a CMS king

As per a recent research, it has been found that nearly 55% of the 1 million most-visited websites operate on WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Well, frankly speaking, WordPress has definitely been successful in becoming one of the most preferable CMSs used by web developers across the globe. In this blog, I’ll be exploring the journey of WordPress from being referred to as a usual blogging software to becoming the ruler of popular CMSs including Joomla and Drupal.

34 Ways That You Know You’re a WordPress Addict

It is said that the first step to tackling addiction is to first admit that you are addicted. ManageWP has an amazing post on WordPress addiction. Here are 34 tell tale signs that you are addicted to WordPress.