Opera high-resolution display

Opera releases 12.10 beta; adds Windows 8 support

Opera has always been one of my favourite browers. It’s fast and they have steady update to valuations. It still needs to go a long way to get close to Chrome or Firefox in terms of add-on support, but it’s a good alternate browser, if you need one.

The Opera team have released 12.10 beta. Opera 12.10 beta offers a big boost of speed, along with better compatibility across websites, improve standards support, new capabilities for extensions, as well as with the major operating systems in use today.

New features include:

Support for Windows 8 and Mac OS X

12.10 adds basic touch support for Opera in Windows 8 Classic, so you will be able to scroll, zoom and browse pages and elements easily. As an extra bonus, touch support also works on Windows 7.

Mountain Lion users are now able to use Mountain Lion’s built-in share function, using the new Share button in Opera’s address bar, as well as seeing Opera notifications in the Notifications Center.


This latest version of Opera is faster than ever before, thanks to many performance optimizations. It also includes support for the SPDY (“Speedy”) network standard. SPDY was designed to cut down the time it takes for a webpage to load, while reducing some of the security risks posed by HTTP.

Extensions, improved

Several new and improved APIs are included in this version of Opera including:

High-resolution display

The new version has been designed to work on high-resolution displays like the new Retina Macs. So, you’re no longer going to see blurred versions of the browser.

Opera high-resolution display

For a complete list of bug fixes for this version, please see the full bug fixes list.

Download Opera version 12.10 beta for Windows
Download 64-bit version for Windows
Download Opera version 12.10 beta for Mac OS X
Download 64-bit version for Mac OS X

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