Techtites featured in Garfield Comic Strip

Are you an avid reader of Garfield? There was a time I waited eagerly to read the comic strip the next day.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I came across the following strip in a leading publication!

Garfield and Jon's comments on this blog

The best part is that you can get featured too! Simply visit this link and…

…create your very own Garfield Comic strip 🙂

Making the strip is very simple. Select a comic character that you would like to add to the panel. You can choose between a single panel and three panel comic strip.

Add the character, add the text, scale them to the size you want. You can choose from a limited number of backgrounds as well as different props.

Preview and then print your comic strip. Then proudly display the same to all your friends and make them very very jealous!

Have you created your own comic strips? Tell me about them.

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