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Power Defragmenter GUI + Contig (Tool Thursday)

One thing that is required to maintain the smooth running of your operating system is the regular defragmentation of your hard drives.

There are several freeware and shareware programs available for use. However, one that I have been using for a long time now is Power Defragmenter GUI.

Power Defragmenter is a GUI (Graphic User Interface) application for program Contig by Sysinternals.

Contig is a very powerful defragmentation application designed for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista operating systems.

Power Defragmenter GUI

Though you can run Contig by itself via the command line, I prefer using Power Defragmenter GUI. It gives me four options for running defragmentation, viz.

  • Defragment File(s)
  • Defragment Folder(s)
  • Defragment Disk
  • PowerMode(TM) Disk Defragmentation

I normally run the fourth option, because it first defrags all the files and then runs Windows Disk Defragmenter to complete the defragmentation process.

This process makes it an excellent tool to keep your disk drives clean!

Power Defragmenter GUI


  1. I downloaded a zip file of Power Defragmenter GUI I unzipped it in a folder. Now tell me step by step how to go about it further and how to defrgment my C: drive on which my O.S. (WinXp)is installed.

    What is that ‘command prompt’ type black window with fast moving lines ? Is it defragmenting or processing ? Does that actually defragment like windows own inbuilt utility ?

    Please enlighten and oblise.

    Thanks in advance. God bless you.


  2. Yes, the window is actually the defragment process taking place.

    Like I mentioned above, there are four types of defragmentation.

    PowerMode(TM) Disk Defragmentation will run contig first and then Windows Defragmenter. I always use this.

  3. Contig 1.55 has been released, and so has Power Defragger GUI 3.0, in fact if you just download the newest GUI, it will retrieve the latest contig automatically for you now.

  4. Sir,
    I have been using Power Defragmente for quite some time.

    Do I have to use windows defragment utility also after this ?

    When defragmentation is over, a black window lingers til I close

    it and a defragmentation complete message and immediately power

    defragment gui appears.

    Do I have to do defragmentation twice ?


    1. You need to set it to start the defragmentation and just leave it. It will close all the necessary windows. It may take a while if your computer is badly fragmented.

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