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Hundred Zeros helps you find free Kindle books

I recently bought my wife a Kindle Touch. I’ve been really impressed by the quality of the product, the clarity of the screen and the battery life. We are yet to recharge it!


Zynga FarmVille Launched For iPhone

Farmville has taken Facebook by storm. There is a good chance that at least half of your Facebook friends are tending to their virtual farms, asking you to become their neighbors, join their farm, etc. Zynga is the creator of this highly addictive game which is now highly popular on Facebook.

Create Interactive UI Mockups for Software and Websites

Today building wireframes is an essential part of creating a website. A wireframe is a visual guide that shows the interface design a website will have; what pages will hold and how they will link, is expressed by wireframes. Since building wireframes requires lesser time than a website prototype, it can be created relatively quicker to obtain a blueprint of one’s website; consequently, when it comes time to actually build the website, a tone of time is saved.

Create Professional Quality Logo with Logo Ease

Having an attractive logo for your Blog can be a plus point for you as it gives your home page a very unique look. Since we don’t create or change logos often it’s really important that you make a well designed logo for your website. To do that I have found a website that promises to help you create a good looking logo within a matter of minutes.

3 Free Websites To Let you find Icons Online

Featuring a list of top websites I recently discovered that lets you search and download icons of almost any kind and category. IconFinder Just as the name suggests, IconFinder is a free online web service that lets you search over 90,000 web icons by using your desired keyword. There is also an option to find these icons by browsing them by icon sets and tags.

Defend CyberSpace with a Massive Multiplayer Online Game Bots

Being a Sci-Fi buff I normally play through any kind of video game that is set in the future and has robots! Today’s BOTS is no exception! Designed as a Massive Multiplayer online game (aka MMOG), BOTS story sets you as one of the many robots who need to defend cyberspace from `corrupted sectors’ that are turning your BOT buddies into nasty goons.