Create Interactive UI Mockups for Software and Websites

Today building wireframes is an essential part of creating a website. A wireframe is a visual guide that shows the interface design a website will have; what pages will hold and how they will link, is expressed by wireframes. Since building wireframes requires lesser time than a website prototype, it can be created relatively quicker to obtain a blueprint of one’s website; consequently, when it comes time to actually build the website, a tone of time is saved.

Having gone through a considerable number of free services offering to produce wireframes, we feel Mockflow is one setting itself apart from the crowd.


In order to start creating wireframes, you first need to register for a free account and then activate that account via the email you receive in your inbox. Having done that, you can start building wireframes by logging in.

Creating wireframes through Mockflow is a completely online process i.e. the entire wireframing process takes places within your internet browser.


As you can see from my wireframe above, the layout of Mockflow is quite simple. The plane on the right contains all the tools/boxes you can drag and enter in the plain workspace on the left. These tools contain over 70 components and over 200 icons, so you have all imaginable tools at your service. Once you are forming your wireframe, just click on the ‘Save’ button located at the top of the page. You can even save your wireframe as a PDF file including any comments.

But those features are available in almost all wireframing programs/services. So what sets Mockflow apart from the crowd?

The forte of Mockflow, however, is that it enables the user to work on the same wireframe with a group of people. That is right: you can get other people to work on your wireframe with you. By sharing in private/public mode, you can not only have your partners collaborate, but you get instant feedback from your clients as well.

Considering all those features and the fact that everything happens online without requiring any installation, Mockflow is another valuable addition to the wireframing tools available on the internet.

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