5 Free Games For Android Phones Worth Checking Out

You aren’t taking full advantage of your smartphone until you’re playing games on it. Games can greatly help kill time while entertaining you. Having covered a number of iPhone games, today I am going to share 5 great games for the Android based smartphone.

All you Android phone owners read on and try out all these free games. To get them, search for their name on the Marketplace which you will access from your handset.

1. Abduction


Adduction might seem like a game just for children, but it can provide long hours of entertainment. Your character is a simple cow. You need to jump from one platform to the other; the platforms are floating in air. Along the way you encounter bonuses in the form of parachuting cows and more. Sometimes the platforms are tricky and hinder your progress. You need to get to the topmost point in the game to win.

2. Battleship


Like the classic game, Battleship lets you position your battleships then have war with the computer. You both try to sink each other’s ships by shooting missiles. The objective is quite simple and the fun is endless.

3. Bonsai Blast


Bonsai Blast is a very exciting game. Your cannon stand in the middle of the game. It loads up balls of different colors. You need to put shoot balls in the line so that three similar balls are together; when they are, they will disappear and your line will become shorter. As you keep shooting, the line progresses to the white / black spot if the balls don’t disappear. If a ball ends up there, you lose. So think before you fire your cannon.

4. Cestos


Cestos is a multiplayer game that automatically finds players for you. You place your balls on the playing area; when the game begins, you try to sink your opponent’s balls in the big hole at the center. As each ball comes to a halt, it leaves a mine on its spot; when a ball hits this mine, there is an explosion and the ball can go anywhere (including the hole). The person to lose is the one with all his / her balls sunk in the center hole first.

5. Robot Defense


Robot Defense is a paid game but you can play its demo for free. In the game you are human fighting off robots. You need to think of different strategies and tactics to tackle the robots. Their style of attack changes each time to keep you thinking.

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