Free Cloud Antivirus for Maximum Protection

Its pretty clear that we all need to have use a powerful anti-virus software to protect our computer from possible threats. It's important that we make sure to check if its making all the updates with the newest virus definitions and do a full system scan to stay protected all the time. This may use a lot of system resource while in use and eventually slows down your Pc.

5 Free Mac Applicatons that are totally useful

Following are some of the best free applications for Mac that might come in handy for everyday routine work. You might also be interested in checking out my earlier post on Top 5 Free System Applications for Mac Os X, Best HD Video Players for Mac and Free File Compressors for Mac OS X. The Unarchiver The Unarchiver is a much more capable replacement for "BOMArchiveHelper.

Easiest way to create polls online for free

I've read about a few website that helps you create polls online but most of them are limited to their own website. I've confronted a much better website today which lets you create polls online where you can allow visitors to choose more than one answer to express their view. twtpoll is an excellent online service that not only allows you to create your free polls online but you can also post them directly on your Blog, Twitter and Facebook.