5 Free Websites to help you wake up in the morning

If you happen to spend a night on the road for a business trip or just looking for a free online alarm clock that can help wake you up at your desired time then check out some of the most useful online free web applications that can get the job done for you.

OnlineClock.net: OnlineClock.net is the most popular Online Clock Radio that you can use in your web browser as a free online application. The Online Clock Radio offers a wide variety of streaming music stations to keep you from ever getting bored.


Check out OnlineClock.net

Klokoo: An online alarm clock will allow you to wake up using your computer, you can use it at work to take a nap or to wake up every morning.


Check out Klokoo

Kukuklok: I personally use KukukLok because it is an excellent web service that will work even if your internet connection goes down. Once loaded you can easily set time and choose any sound that is available.


Check out Kukuklok

NakedAlarmClock: NakedAlarmClock is just a free alarm clock. There’s actually no nudity involved. The title is a bit misleading, but the webmaster thinks it will help you remember the url.


Check out NakedAlarmClock

Music Alarm Clock: Last but not the least we have Music Alarm Clock. Another free online web tools that helps you wake up in the morning to the sound of music. Simply set your time, select the alarm sound, test sound and turn on the alarm.


Check out Music Alarm Clock


  1. Some really good sites here, I actually used the OnlineClock.net people for around a year of my life. Very usefull to wake a lazy student such as myself up!

    On a different note, i simply wished to exclaim that I sincerely love your website. I too have a small abount of websites and I understand how tough it can be to come up with stories to write about, it is energizing to see that you are repetitively providing a quantity of appealing discussions here.

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