Windows 7 Check Disk

Fixing Windows 7 Disk Errors

Disk errors plague virtually every Windows user at one time or another. These errors can show up in just about any stage of usage. Sometimes this can be something as simple as a bad connection.


Three Freeware Tools to Defragment your Windows Registry

A while ago, I wrote about Ten Tools to Defragment your Hard Disk. Like your hard drive the windows registry is also prone to defragmentation because it is constantly accessed by programs. Fortunately, we have tools that help you clean up your windows registry and defragment the same.

Power Defragmenter GUI + Contig (Tool Thursday)

One thing that is required to maintain the smooth running of your operating system is the regular defragmentation of your hard drives. There are several freeware and shareware programs available for use. However, one that I have been using for a long time now is Power Defragmenter GUI.