WordPress 2.1 released

WordPress 2.1 has just been released by the WordPress development team.

I personally and I’m sure many others two were not very happy with WordPress 2.0 and several of the features it added. But, it was a major well received and easy-to-work-around-things-I-don’t-like release.

WordPress 2.1 has been released differently. You can vote on/post ideas to better WordPress and based on their rating many of the features have been implemented in 2.1.
This is also the procedure being followed for the upcoming 2.2 version due out on April 23.

2.1 has several additions both on a user point of view as well as a developer point of view, though I’ll like to see more detailed documentation on both fronts.
Technosailor’s Post looks into some of these details and the WordPress Dev Blog release post lists out al these features.

I’ll be making a more detailed post about the new features once I upgrade this blog, which should be once I confirmed the support of the plugins I have running out here. So, if you see anything going out of place, you know what’s wrong 😉
But, do let me know just in case.

And don’t forget to vote.

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