Subscribe to Youtube channel podcasts and favorites RSS video feeds in FLV and MP4 formats

A Youtube `channel’ is a fancy way of saying Youtube `profile page’. Whenever you sign up with Youtube you get your own `channel page’ that gives details  such as your public videos, favorites, comments, subscribers, video log, bulletin status, and recent activity. Users can also see stats about you, like how long you’ve been a YouTube member, how old you are, and how many videos you’ve watched.

A very popular use of the `channel page’ is the subscribe option .If you have a collection of favorite videos that you’ve placed on your channel, and if that collection is something many people like, those people have the option of subscribing (which is another way of saying `following you’) to your channel. They can even get the option to get updates of your channel by subscribing to your channels RSS feed.

However what happens when you want to view these videos offline? (eg. on your PSP on a long drive) that where’s YouTube RSS coverter comes in.

Just feed in the YouTube channel URL that you need (eg then choose a format that you’d like the video(s) in, hit generate and you should have a specially formatted link that you can put into your RSS feed reading device/software (eg. iTunes or the built in RSS feed reader in the PSP) , that’s all you have to do!
When the RSShandlers link will open up in your feed reader. You’ll see all videos in that channel along with a link to download each one (or all) in the format you specified earlier! This way you get to keep the videos that you really want and still be updated whenever something new comes onto the channel!

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