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While ABBYY may seem like a spelling mistake it actually is the name of a software solutions company that makes the one of the best OCR software in the world. For those who don’t know OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition which simply is a technology that goes through scanned documents and/or digital photos of text and number and then converts that un-editable data into editable text that can be saved in various formats.

By converting your documents into editable text you increase your ability to search for important documents (eg. agreement, thesis, legal documents and reports etc) and you avoid the wasteful and monotonous task of retyping documents over again.


ABBYY, while known more for their OCR software, have broken the mould by releasing ABBYY FineReader Online. Which is the same high quality service of their software, except its provided online. You basically sign up with your email address, a username and a password of your choice and then whenever you want  document converted just login, upload the image to be converted , choose the language and format you want your output document to be in, and then check your email for the download link to your converted document.
ABBYY FineReader Online uses the same superior, award winning accuracy and recognition found in the software version and the ability to convert into multiple formats (and not to mention Multiple Languages even!) Is bound to make this a winner in the eyes of every document/archive buff out there.

Check out ABBYY Finereader

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