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Skype 4

Skype 4 is out! Get it here.

Skype is a digital communications featuring VoIP, PC-PC Calls and instant messaging. With new the new release, Skype has been given a clean visual refresh.

Some new features of Skype 4:

  • A clean, new interface and complete overhaul
  • Improved call and video quality
  • Contacts integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Improved reliability
  • New video and audio drivers for better performance

One thing I always notice about Skype is that it demands quite a lot of CPU usage. A Skype Call is only clear when both callers have a reliable, fast broadband connection, a relatively new computer and a decent headset. When calling overseas to others in China where the Internet is unreliable and the computers are made out of low-quality parts, voice and video is always jerky.

New improvements are always welcome, and I’ll be chatting with Skype 4 from now on.

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