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Remove AVG completely from your Computer

There was a time I swore by AVG as an antivirus. Though I have Nod32 installed on my laptop, I installed AVG on any and every computer I came across.

Sadly, v8 is a total mess and I quickly switched over to Avast which is really excellent.

The problem with almost every antivirus is that it leaves behind files on your computer. These files may interfere with the new antivirus program you are uninstalling.

Fortunately, AVG provides you a remover utility that will cleanly remove itself from your computer.

AVG Remover utility removes all parts of AVG installation on your computer, including registry items, installation and user files on your disk, etc. AVG Remover is the least option to be used in case the AVG uninstallation / repair installation process has failed repeatedly.

All AVG user settings will be removed after the uninstallation, as well as the Virus Vault content and other item related to AVG installation and use.

Have you used this?

Download AVG Remover
AVG Remover(32bit)
AVG Remover(64bit)

Via: GHacks

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  1. A great downlad that solved all my problems. I may also recomend the use of Revo Unistaller. A really great program that deletes anything and everything perfecty. Plus its free and clean. look it up at cnet.com

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