DX Plugin Base

Begin coding your first WordPress Plugin with DX Plugin Base

If you’re thinking of getting into WordPress plugin development, I suggest reading this article on webdesigner depot. It gives you a basic idea on creating the directory structure and adding in your first snippets of code.

When you’re ready to take it to the next stage, you might want to consider Mario‘s DX Plugin Base. This is a sample skeleton base plugin for WordPress developers.

DX Plugin Base

The plugin includes the following code samples:

  • defining custom post types and taxonomies
  • creating admin pages
  • sample code of the Settings API implementation for admin pages
  • registration of activate/deactivate hooks
  • adding metaboxes on pages
  • creating sample shortcode
  • creating sample widget
  • adding frontend styles/scripts the right way
  • adding admin styles/scripts the right way
  • defining common constants for further use

It is important however, that you don’t take the entire plugin and add in all your pieces of code. Use the code as a base for your to learn the code, but add your own style and touches to the plugin.

Download DX Plugin Base

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