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Super charge your WordPress pages with Advanced Page Manager

WordPress’ support for posts is phenomenal. However, when it comes to managing pages, this is very limited. This is possibly because pages are relatively static and are more to add on permanent sections to your site like Contact forms or download areas like we do here at Techtites.

However, if you are using WordPress as a full fledged CMS, you might need more than just what WordPress has on offer. Enter Advanced Page Manager. Developed by Uncategorized Creations, the plugin adds a ton of features that help you manage your WordPress pages better.

Advanced Page Manager

 Features include:

  • Arrange pages into a tree format
  • Show/hide sub-trees
  • Add, move and delete pages from within the tree
  • Affect or change template for 1 page or any selected range of pages
  • Search for pages. Filter to get the list of all published or unpublished pages. Sort by column in result lists

The plugin is currently in beta and available for download from the WordPress plugins directory. I advice backing up your database before you proceed with the plugin since this is a big structural change that you’ld be bringing to your site.

Am going to run this on my personal blog since I have several sub-pages in place for my plugins.

If you’re using this plugin, do provide your feedback to the developers.


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