Top 6 Web Based Instant Messengers

Our friends do not always use the same email clients as ours. This means that often we find ourselves communicating via emails and not instant messages because our instant messengers do not support each other’s email account. Even if chatting is possible, many of our IM clients’ features are not usable when we are chatting with somebody of a different email type. For example in Windows Live Messenger, we are able to chat with our Yahoo contacts but we cannot send them Winks.
One solution of course is to use the same instant messaging client. This however can become quite a problem since we cannot keep installing and uninstalling messaging clients. The best solution then becomes using web based instant messengers which allow easy, quick usage without the need of anything’s installation.

Read our list for seven of the top free web based instant messaging clients currently available. See which one is best for you and supports the emails you and your contacts use.

1. Instan-t

Instan-t is a great web based messenger that will let you cross-chat with people from other email services. The services it supports include Windows Live, AOL, GTalk, Yahoo, and ICQ. With Instan-t, users can share pictures and videos, add/block/delete contacts, rename contacts, hold video chats, and send files.


IMO.IM is a free web based instant messenger that helps you message instantly, voice chat, and video conference using multiple instant messaging protocols (Windows Live, AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, GTalk, Skype, MySpace, and Facebook). The best part is that we can link all our accounts with the same username and use only one username to chat with.

3. RadiusIM

RadiusIM supports all the major networks: MSN, AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, and GTalk/Jabber. Its unique feature is the addition of ‘location search’ which lets you look for friends location-wise and also lets you know where your current friends are hanging out. You can enter a location and a map is show with pictures of RadiusIM users within that area. You can drag the pictures and zoom in on them for a clear view. If you find a friend or person of interest, you can add them.

4. WeBuzz

WeBuzz is a JavaScript based online free web instant messenger that helps you chat with your friends on Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, and Jabber/XMPP. For each email client, a new instant messaging window opens. This web based messenger behaves as if you have installed each messenger separately on your computer. Audio/video chatting and file transfers are supported.

5. eBuddy

As you can see from the image above, eBuddy supports a wide range of messaging clients including MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, Facebook, ICQ, and MySpace. Video chatting has been very simple by eBuddy; all one has to do is plug in the webcam and click on the video chat button. Multiple accounts can be accessed in the same eBuddy window. Your screen is not crowded by many chat windows as new chat conversations appear as tabs so that you can easily switch to a different conversation.

6. ILoveIM

The last entry in our list is ILoveIM. This web based instant messenger also lets us connect to multiple chat networks simultaneously. Supported networks include Yahoo, MSN, MySpace, AIM, and GTalk. To use ILoveIM, all you have to do is go to its website and provide your login details for all the chat networks that you need to connect to. ILoveIM will then encrypt your password and then connect you to all the networks.

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