WordPress Picks for the Week [02/03]

Following this week, I will be publishing the WordPress Picks series every Wednesday, instead of Sunday.

55+ Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

I’m not a big fan of super long posts, but this is a comprehensive list of articles and tutorials regarding WordPress

Load A Stylesheet Only If Use Gallery

If you are using the WordPress Gallery, you should load the the stylesheet only the pages on which the gallery is displayed

How to Add Content and Completely Manipulate Your WordPress RSS Feeds

Some tricks on adding to customizable text to your RSS feeds. You can also do some of this with my plugin Add to Feed.

Rounded Font-Sizes (with Colors!) for Tag Clouds

By default, WordPress uses non-rounded font sizes when creating a tag cloud. By converting this to a rounded font size like 22, 24 etc, you can even using CSS classes to style special font-sized tags.

Add a favicon to your WordPress blog using a hook

If you don’t have a favicon, then it means that your blog has something majorly lacking. Besides, you’re error_log will go crazy with 404 requests. This is definitely not my preferred solution, because you should not be adding unnecessary functions to your theme to reduce loading.

Using Filters With get_posts()

A small tutorial that will teach you how to fetch custom posts using get_posts()

Remove Private/Protected from Post Titles

WordPress allows you to create private and protected posts (though I have never used this ever). All such posts are “labelled” accordingly. Here’s how you remove it.

How to Limit Content in WordPress

By default, WordPress includes 55 words in the excerpt. You can easily change this with a bit of code.

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