WordPress Picks for the Week [01/24]

The New Category, Tag, And Page Templates Introduced In WordPress 2.9

WordPress included new templates for category, tag and pages. Learn how to use them.

How to use jQuery 1.4 by default on your WordPress blog

WordPress uses the old jQuery version. This recipe will show you how to easily replace your current jQuery version by the newest 1.4 version

Optimise Your WordPress Themes With Better Author Pages

I recently asked the people behind BloggingPro how they implement their cool author archive pages. They were nice enough to blog about it. This should be online soon on Techtites 🙂

Google Maps Shortcode

Simple shortcode to add Google Maps to your posts

Replace full post by excerpts on homepage without editing your theme files

Not my preferred solution, but this is great for theme authors who want to allow their users to shift between excerpts and full posts on your homepage

Redirects To Another Page In WordPress Backend

Learn how to use wp_redirect() function in the WP-Admin area. I haven’t seen any implementations of these. But, here’s how you do it.

Custom Query Shortcode: Run a Loop inside Any Post/Page

One thing that you can’t do is a loop in a loop. Then again, if you throw in some shortcode and you can.

The Right Way to Remove WordPress Version Number

WordPress adds the version number in the HTML generated on your blog. Here’s how you get rid of it.

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