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Connect with your friends using SociaLink

In today’s technology driven world you’ll most likely be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Throw in Whatsapp, Google Talk and other messaging services and you’ll most likely be busy shifting apps to keep in touch.


If you have an iPhone, then you can get hold of SociaLink App.SociaLink is a the most efficient way to send and receive friend and follow requests.

SociaLink allows two people with the app to friend or follow each other instantly and in-person on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. If someone doesn’t have the app, instantly share your social media profile links as well as a link to download SociaLink by using the ‘Email’ feature.

SociaLink is meant specifically for people who enjoy networking and meet lots of people, but the app can be used by anyone using social media.

Learn how to use SociaLink App via this video:

Download SociaLink from the App store

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