Create a mobile version of your WordPress blog with MobStac

The mobile is taking over the world. Today, almost all mobile phones come equipped with browsers, not to forget the whole host of mobile devices out there. While most mobile browsers can easily support your normal blog theme, you might want to create a better experience for users by offering a custom look for mobile devices.

Imageshack Introduces a Twitter Tool for iPhone

ImageShack is one of the biggest Image hosting websites out there. I had been using it for my Celebrity blogs for about a year now. Recently I have shifted to Photobucket and bought the premium account.

New Downloads Section on Techtites

Over the last few years at Techtites, we’ve covered several posts on Excel as well as tiny utilities that made life simple. These have remained in the posts and well, not everyone drops into every post! So, I finally decided to dedicate a separate section on this blog to all these home grown files along with a link to the corresponding post.

Custom Twitter Backgrounds

Since everybody knows what Twitter is I’m not going to bother to explain that it’s a social networking tool that allows people to communicate with each other in less than 140 characters and is one of the biggest internet revolutions since the invention of bread.. (Maybe not..) Anyway, if you have a twitter account and want to look and feel different, we’ve got some good news for you.

Twitter Phishing Scam now becomes Facebook Phishing Scam

The Twitter Blog reported last week that people are receiving emails which contain links to a phishing site asking you to enter your login details. I decided to check it out today and was surpised to see that the entire twitter interface has been converted to that of Facebook, which means that they are now getting ready for a Facebook phishing scam! Good news is that Internet Explorer (with Website Checking Enabled), Firefox 3 (Firefox 2 did not block the site) and Google Chrome all display big warnings.