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Advantages of Using DNS for Faster Internet Access

The kind of access you get to the internet often varies significantly depending on your location, and sometimes, it doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is access to some websites will still be slow. Speed is one of the most important factors to consider when connecting to the internet, and it is important to know that the fact that a particular website is taking ages to load doesn’t necessarily mean your internet connection is slow. Based on constant research, and my experience with getting slow internet connections to be faster, I have discovered a lot of great ways to access the internet in a faster way, and one such way is through the use of a DNS service. This article will be giving you some of the top advantages of using a DNS service and while you might want to consider it.

Connect with Central Hub

Quick Access to the Internet

DNS works in a completely unique and different way compared to just visiting websites directly. When it comes to using the internet and visiting your favorite website there are two ways you can do it – the first way is by either visiting the IP address of the website directly or to visit the hostname address (which is the user friendly name most of us are familiar with, e.g. google.com). Since computers work in a different way from humans, computers understand how to communicate with IP addresses faster and effectively, but it is sometimes really difficult for humans to remember these IP addresses. DNS servers also store a lot of information about websites on their network based on how they are used, and as a result, once a particular website is becoming more familiar with a lot of people on the same DNS network it becomes easier for new users on the DNS network to access that website without going through the same hassles others will go through without a DNS network.

By using a DNS service, whenever you try to visit your favorite website your computer communicates directly with the host IP address, and as a result, the website you are trying to visit becomes several times faster than it will usually be without a DNS service.

By using DNS for faster internet you will be able to experience super fast access to your favorite websites.

Less Consumption of Bandwidth

Another great thing about using a DNS service is that the DNS server communicates in a unique and direct way with the IP address of the site you are visiting and it doesn’t have to go through processes that might result in a lot of traffic.

Also, by using a DNS service to access the internet the links to the websites you are trying to visit will be established quickly and as a result will lead to seamless and quick data transfer. That means you won’t have to exhaust your bandwidth whenever you visit a simple website. The other great benefit of this is that the data is transferred in a quick way, thus ensuring websites you visit load faster.


If you’re experiencing constant slow internet connection problems then using a DNS service might be the best option for you. The above are a few benefits of using a DNS service.

This guest post has been written by Paul. Paul has been in the broadband field for some time now, and as a result is always on the lookout for ways to help others enjoy their internet connection. He also works on ensuring his readers get the best from their internet options.


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