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3 Disadvantages to Using a Broadband Dongle

The broadband internet market has grown significantly over the years, leading to a lot of new innovation and the ability to access the internet using a modem of your choice. One great device that was introduced over the years is the mobile broadband dongle, and it is currently one of the most popular devices used to access the internet due to its flexibility, the security it offers and several other advantages. Personally, I believe that using a mobile broadband dongle can be a smart decision, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have disadvantages and I think we all need to know about its disadvantages before deciding to use it. This article will be listing 3 major disadvantages to using a broadband dongle.

Broadband Dongle

Speed is Limited

The number one disadvantage to using a broadband dongle is that the speed you get with it is limited. With other forms of broadband internet service you can easily get better internet speeds without having to buy a new modem or take any extra measure. This isn’t the case with the broadband dongle, and presently, the two major forms of broadband dongle provide internet speeds of 3.2mbps and 7.6mbps. What that means is that if you want faster internet access you still can’t get it with such a dongle even if your ISP is providing better speeds. If you don’t think you will need to use up to 7mbps data transfer in any given period then going for a broadband dongle might be a smart decision on your part.

You are Restricted to the Same Interface

One thing I really dislike about using a broadband dongle is that you are restricted to the same interface. For example, if you are to decide to tether your mobile phone with your computer, aside your phone PC suite, there are countless applications available online to help you with that. If you decide to change ISP and as a result use the dongle you purchased from your current ISP with a new ISP you will be forced to use the interface of your old ISP.

It Isn’t Easily Accessible

Another major drawback to using a broadband dongle is that it isn’t easily accessible. By this, I’m not trying to say you can’t get it easily, what I mean is that you can hardly get a broadband dongle that isn’t a 3.6mbps dongle or a 7.2mbps dongle. I believe people should be able to get faster dongles, or if possible, custom tailored dongles, but that isn’t possible at the moment.

Paul T is a broadband expert who helps people choose the best pay as you go dongle.

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