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Windows 7 Product Editions

Microsoft has confirmed the final product names for Windows 7. This time there is an interesting mix, and you’ll find out why when you read on. A few days ago a rumor claimed Microsoft was making a specific product edition for netbooks, but now you know that’s not true.


The Starter edition is for emerging markets only, much like Windows Vista Starter Edition. Aero is disabled and only 3 applications can be run simultaneously. Users can join HomeGroups but cannot create them. Windows Media Center will also be missing. As a result, not many people buy the Starter edition. Starter is intended to stop piracy in countries like China and Russia, aiming to be cheap, and as a result it compromises many features.

Home Premium

Home Premium will be mainstream and will come pre-installed on most consumer desktop and laptop machines. Aero Glass is present and users can create HomeGroups. Windows Media Center is available, but users of Home Premium miss out on many business features. Remote Desktop, BitLocker and Domain Join are disabled, as well as the Group Policy editor.


Professional is aimed at the corporate market, complete with most business features missing from Home Premium. However, there is no MUI support, BitLocker or VHD support. This version will most likely be included with corporate and business machines.


Enterprise is not available on mainstream, and it is intended for massive corporations deploying thousands of machines. All the consumer features are stripped, and MUI support is added. All business features are present, but Enterprise is not available for mainstream distribution.


Microsoft only wants Ultimate to be installed on a minority of the market. Like before, it will have every single feature available but will have limited availability and is intended for promotions and enthusiasts.

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