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Protect your email from spam with scr.im

Fed up of spam in your Inbox, especially from forums, social networking sites, websites etc. where you shared your email at one point of time?

scr.im is a new service that allows you to convert your email into a URL that ensures that a user keen on finding out your email goes the extra step.

You can begin by entering your email address on the site and choosing a URL.


Hit Protect my email and you’re email address will, well,… be protected!


You can then enter the URL of your choice in Twitter, Facebook, in HTML pages, on your blog, in forums etc.

Clicking on the URL provides the user a “Match the CAPTCHA”.


On selecting the CAPTCHA, you’re email address is revealed to the user.


There is one problem that I perceive with sharing is when the site checks the email field for valid emails. They usually check for the presence of the @ and . in your email which scr.im doesn’t provide you.

A foolproof way of working with scr.im is if they give you a way to “create” an email address that could then direct to the URL as it is now. They are still in beta, so I hope they implement this soon.

Advanced users can tap into the API to automatically encode URLs.

You can contact me at http://scr.im/techtites


  1. Thanks for the review Ajay

    As for the problem you perceive (site checking for valid emails), this is just not what scr.im is intended for. It’s not to replace your email in a form that expects an email. It’s just for avoiding writing your email as plain text that will make spam bots and email harversters’ day 🙂

    1. Wow, it’s yours! Nice work.

      But, don’t you think it is a good idea to do this. I’m not sure about the technology, but wouldn’t it be possible to set up a kind of a username system that has a webpage that looks like an email address simply because of the @ and . ?

      Then it becomes a perfect solution for reducing spam.

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