Please give me some Valid Themes WordPress.com!!

Well, I’m frustrated! 🙁

And you can’t blame me. While WordPress.com has declared that I can’t edit my template, they have done little to add themes to the existing miniscule list of six (eight if you count Classic and Default)!

And worse still, of these only four validate as valid XHTML. Even the default WordPress theme does not which really irritating. It can be fixed if they change the & to & in the header portion.
The others are missing the type attribute for the script tag.

Well, I’ve sent feedback to them. Hopefully, something gets this fixed.

After choosing and rechoosing I finally settled with Pool (Blix doesn’t display images in Links), inspite of it being not valid.
Well I’m not happy. The reason is because I have had to edit my links and remove the Description as it was also displayed in addition to the link. Additionally it displays all the links together and not in categories.
Same problem with Connections!

To the team: Please do consider this post and give us some good XHTML valid themes. Thanks!

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