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Flock to

Have seen a lot of Flock the past few days and decided to investigate. For those who don’t know yet, Flock is a new browser based on Firefox.

Wasn’t really into downloading it until I saw Matt’s post which got me interested.
Ofcourse I don’t need another blog but just figuring out how you get one was interesting.

Anyway, downloaded and installed the developer release of Flock and was quite pleased to install it.

Besides the normal stuff of Firefox, Flock also adds support to blog right from the browser itself. It auto-detected my blogs at and this blog. However, the editor needs a lot of improvements before I will consider blogging with it.

Speedwise I found it faster, both loading as well as browsing.

Well it’s new so I won’t talk about the lack of extensions and themes, though I was impressed to already see a few.

Coming back to the main purpose of this post. When you open Flock, it loads the default home page and you are asked to choose a blog (as one of the many things you can do).

Follow the links and you will land up at Here you will find the option of creating your own blog.
If you are not viewing this post in Flock, then clicking the link above won’t work. Well I’ve tested it in IE, Firefox and Opera.

Well ofcourse, this does mean that the invites that we have now are going to be useless. I’m just worried if will be able to handle the volume of new signups!

Until then, give Flock a try.

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  1. will possibly be the new blogspot.

    What is amusing to me is that they checks user-agent to implement this Flock only exclusiveness. Check my link to see the details.

  2. Mr. Ajay it wont Work it will show a message Page Not Found
    But routhe through here and itll work fine 😉

  3. It will give a 404 when you don’t add the trailing slash to flock in the URL.

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