Is Blogging Private?

My Private Blog - KEEP OUT!

Lately I’ve come across a lot of persons asking me about the privacy of blogging. Others tell me that they seem to know a lot about me by reading my personal blog even without meeting me.

This led me to actually evaluate the privacy of having your own blog.

Though the word Weblog originated from Web Log and used to be a personal diary on the web, it has come a long long way from there.

Today there are many different types of blogs besides just personal ones.

Coming back to the point, while the other types of blogs aren’t really much of a bother wrt privacy, a personal blog can be. But then again how personal a personal blog will be is completely in your hands.

Afterall, if you are going to blog about how you began each morning and brushed and bathed, that would be really very personal information. You won’t have many visitors as not many would be interested if you have 32 teeth or 31!

Over time I’ve learnt to find an healthy balance between my life and what I choose to blog thus keeping the user interested enough to stay on as well as keep the more private happenings to myself.

So with regards to privacy, my suggestion is to really evaluate what exactly you want to blog about. If you aren’t really comfortable blogging about things personal start off with some less personal stuff like how the day was today, or how travelling to office was such a pain.
Then maybe over a period of time you can elaborate a bit more.

If you are a little paranoid you can blog search engines from accessing your blog and even use passwords to blog your blog to all except those who have the password.

Always remember that whatever you blog is available to your visitors, but what you want them to read is completely in your hands.

I’m perfectly cool with what I post on my blog. Those who claim to know me through my blog fail to realize that they only know of me and that to what I choose them to know.
Of course if you are my regular reader and have contacted me, I have already told you this. There are still only a few people in this world who actually know me, and most of these have chosen not to read my blog. 🙁

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