Create New iPhone Mockup in Different Styles

The first step of website development is to design its layout. This process is popularly known as wireframing and includes dragging various visual tools used in a website (such as drop down menus, tables, charts, etc.) onto our drawing canvas which represents the look of the website. Similarly in designing a program we can save a lot of time by first having a blueprint of the visuals of our application. This formed map can help us better explain our ideas to our collaborators and prevent any miscommunication.

iPhone applications is an area of software development that is experiencing a constant rise. While creating iPhone applications, developers can apply the same methodology of creating a blueprint prior to programming. While a lot of websites exist to facilitate the function of wireframing, there is a neglible number of websites offering the same feature for applications. For iPhone applications however, there is now one website offering this map-creation technique for free. The site is appropriately titled iPhone Mockup.

On the site’s homepage we can choose from one of two mockup creation methods. Suppose you choose Illustration, you will be taken to a page like in the image below:

To the left we can see the tool which we drag into the canvas in the middle shaped like an iPhone. From the bottom left we can upload PNG images and include them in our Mockup. When we are done, we can share the URL of our mockup with the people we want.

If we opt for Pencil rather than Illustration, we are provided with the same interface but only with a pencil look:

iPhoneMockup provides iPhone application developers with a great facility to ease the application’s designing process. But there are still some areas the site can work on. For instance, the security of the mockups should be improved; instead of all mockups being available to the public, a password should be required to view the mockup which the creator sets.

With minor tweaks and improvements, iPhoneMockup will be the iPhone developer’s best online friend.

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