TorrentMagnifier: Search And Download Torrents From Your Desktop

Torrents are a great peer-to-peer file sharing method which has increasingly become popular over the recent years. Recognizing how much users like torrents and prefer them over other peer-to-peer exchange methods, developers are constantly creating torrent related applications to facilitate the torrent users.

Today we will be exploring TorrentMagnifier which is website providing three simple ways to make torrent searching faster and more convenient.

TorrentMagnifier is a website that provides three torrent related tools for free. These tools include a desktop application, a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and 7, and an accelerator search engine for Internet Explorer 8. All these tools can be found at TorrentMagnifier’s homepage.

Desktop Application

The desktop application of TorrentMagnifier is merely 750KB large. Downloading it gives us a quick way to search torrents over many torrent sites. Here is how the main window looks like:

One simply has to enter a keyword in the search bar and click on “Search” or press the Return/Enter key on the keyboard. Quickly the search results are displayed; each search result shows us the torrent name, the website it is hosted on, the number of seeder and leeches, as well as a “Go” link which opens up the torrent page in our default internet browser.

The torrent cannot be downloaded from the application; one needs to go to the host site to download the torrent.

Sidebar Gadget

The sidebar gadget is only 11KB large and can be used on Windows Vista and 7.

The functioning of the gadget is same as the desktop application; you enter the keyword in the search bar and initiate your search. The information provided includes number of seeder and leeches, and the name of the torrent.

The name of the host site is not provided but you can click on a torrent name to be taken to the site where you will download the respective torrent.

Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator

Once you have the TorrentMagnifier accelerator installed in your Internet Explorer 8, highlight a word, right-click it, and select the TorrentMagnifier accelerator:

TorrentMagnifier will search for all the relevant torrents to the highlighted word and display them to you in a new tab:

These three applications combine to provide users with great convenience when downloading torrents. There is still however, a considerable room for improvements in all these applications. The first step at the developer’s end would be let the user directly download a torrent off the application. Secondly the user votes and/or comments of each torrent should be viewable within the application. For the sidebar gadget, the side could be reduced.

When TorrentMagnifier introduces these improvements into each of its applications, it surely will have something quite great. But till then, we can enjoy the current great functionality it offers and save a little time while searching for torrents.

Download TorrentMagnifier (Thanks to AddictiveTips for the link since the official website has went down)

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