So you want to be a Problogger?

Just two days back, Duncan wrote an interesting article on how becoming a professional blogger is a lot more difficult today that it was a few years back.

I totally agree with his point of view. There are quite a few people making money through blogging, with some only through blogging.

I, for one, still a long way to go before I can think of calling myself a problogger though a good portion of my measly income does come via this route.

Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips has put up ten points that every problogger should have. To summarize:

  1. Time
  2. Expertise on a topic
  3. Passion for the topic
  4. Writing skills
  5. Technical Knowledge
  6. Blogging Knowledge
  7. Web Design Skills
  8. Business/Marketing Knowledge
  9. Creativity and Innovative Ideas
  10. Network of contacts

Of these, I think that the most important points are the first and the last. Since quitting my day I have been able to give a lot more time to blogging than ever before. I started of Techtites which is also gaining some popularity. My personal blog is a lot better than it was a few months back and I am a little more well known (huh.. do you know me?) 😉

Contacts is something that is a must, just writing good articles is useless if nobody reads and more importantly, nobody spreads the word about them. It’s only recently that I’ve started religiously reading hundreds of blogs, commenting on them and in turn receiving comments on mine.

I wouldn’t rate Web Design Skills as a pre-requisite because you could always hire someone to do your blog design. Alternatively, there are hundreds of templates ready to download and use.

Do you agree with Daniel’s choice of requisites? Would you like to add / substract from this list?

Do you consider yourself a problogger? And do you have any tips to share in this matter?


  1. Ajay, thanks for picking this up. You are on a good road to become a problogger, and so that you know I do not consider myself pro either.

    Most of my income comes from my blogs also, but it is just small to be compared to a full-time income right now.

  2. Good tips you have there. It is going to be a while before I rise to that level, but I really hope I do, especially since I have no full-time job.

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