SMF 1.1.1 released

Simple Machines has released SMF 1.1.1.

The changes/fixes since SMF 1.1 directly from the changelog:

! Fixed multi-language support for Mambo/Joomla bridge login module on non-forum pages. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/mod_smf_login.php)
+ Added register mambot to Mambo 4.6 bridge so that users who register in Mambo are auto-created in SMF. (Mambo 4.6 bridge/SMF_register.php, SMF_register.xml)
! Fixed bridge registration so that it uses Mambo 4.6’s new language method. (Mambo 4.6 bridge/smf_registration.html.php)
! The regular expression used for parsing ‘/me’-lines didn’t work properly in older PHP versions. (Subs-Post.php)
! Fixed usage of array before it was declared (Load.php)
! Mambo/Joomla bridge config should go to main admin page if “Cancel” is clicked (Mambo/Joomla bridge/admin.smf.php)
! Fixed a missing global (Mambo 4.6 bridge/smf.php)
+ Changed the SEF handling in the bridge for use with third party Joomla SEF components (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
+ Added Kindred’s enhancements to the bridged whos online (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php, smf_integration_arrays.php)
! Deleting a member in SMF deleted in Joomla, but not in Joomla’s ACL (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
! Bridge login module didn’t handle language variables correctly. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/mod_smf_login.php)
! Some dates in the installation script were not MySQL STRICT compatible. (install-1.1.sql)
! Log the ban check IP in messages. (Subs-Post.php)
! It was possible for files to be sent with the wrong mime type – reported by Jessica Hope and rotwang. (Display.php)
* Search template looked a little odd on IE. (Search template)
* In prune boards the checkbox for stickies would toggle with the board selection. (Admin template)
! Send annoucements in slightly smaller chunks. (Post.php)
! Make it impossible to make guests too much like administrators. (ManagePermissions.php)
! Aposthophes in smiley directories would cause a SQL error. (ManageSmileys.php)
! Fixed labelling personal messages not being restricted to the current member. (PersonalMessage.php)
! In rare cases search didn’t return any results, while it should have. (Search.php)

You can download the latest version of the board or the upgrade version.

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