WordPress Picks for the Week [02/17]

How to get your plugin removed from the directory

Mark Jaquith tells plugin authors exactly what to do get your plugin banned.

Showing custom post types on your home/blog page

Show several post types in addition to posts on your home page. These could be page, album, movie or quote!

Tracking WordPress Remote HTTP Requests

The above code will output something like this any time a HTTP request is made using the HTTP API, but only if the request was not made from an AJAX handling script.

Most Popular Words In Plugin Names

W-Shadow scanned through the list of plugin names and gives you a list of the most popular words that are included in the plugin names

How to Widgetize Your WordPress Theme in 2 Steps

If you’re a theme developer still wondering how to widgetize your theme, here’s some snippets of code to solve this issue.

Keeping Your Blog’s Theme Up To Date Using SVN

If you’re running a modified theme and the author releases an update, you’re definitely going to be in a fix. The first option is to stick to the original theme and the second is to install the new theme and redo all the changes.

Stop Spammers and Other Scumbags with a Custom Blacklist

This a a super list of blacklist entries that you can enter into WordPress to immediately block spammers

Display Post Thumbnail Also In Edit Post and Page Overview

A simple snippet of code to display the WordPress 2.9 post thumbnail int he Edit Post screen in WP-Admin

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