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Web 2.0 Cracks showing…?

I had written a while back about Web 2.0.

As with anything new a debate rages on as to how good or bad or effective is the term Web 2.0!

Wired news yesterday reported about several cracks in Web 2.0

As for me, I don’t really understand the hype over Web 2.0. For one I just wouldn’t care if an author decides to call his product Web 2.0, because if it won’t work, I won’t use it.

I choose products on value for money and whether they deliver what they are supposed to do, and not if they use the latest technology or brand themselves by a special tag.

So are you ready for Web 2.0 or do you just don’t care?

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  1. Rightly put when you say that there isn’t that much clarity. Even reading the long O’Reilly article wasn’t very helpful to many.

    We ofcourse can’t just make up our minds on whether we want to accept it or reject it, but in either case it is raking up a lot of controversy.

    As I said above, I wouldn’t care much as long as the products do what they are supposed to.

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