GrandMother’s Guide To Google Video Chat By Google

Google’s Video Chat feature allows you to easily hold a video conversation with your Gmail, iGoogle, and Orkut contacts. All you need is a webcam, speakers / headphones, and a microphone attached to your computer. Then you get the video and chat plugin from here.

Use Same Keyboard/Mouse On As Many Computers As You Like

If you are operating multiple computers at your home or office, then you might be shifting a lot from one keyboard-mouse set to another. Since each computer has separate keyboard-mouse sets hooked to it, shifting is a necessity. However through the usage of a brilliant tool name Synergy Plus, you can use the same keyboard-mouse set on as many computers as you like.

Get Awesome iOS 4 Apps From iTunes

The new OS for Apple devices (get it from here) introduces many new features. The highlight perhaps is multitasking which will enable you to get the most out of your handset. People who are already using iOS 4 might be wondering when they can get their hands on applications that make use of the best this new OS has to offer.

Zynga FarmVille Launched For iPhone

Farmville has taken Facebook by storm. There is a good chance that at least half of your Facebook friends are tending to their virtual farms, asking you to become their neighbors, join their farm, etc. Zynga is the creator of this highly addictive game which is now highly popular on Facebook.

iMovies Launched for iPhone 4

Traditionally, Apple has been a little wayward or lagging behind in the video dimension of multimedia. The video recording capability was added to the iPhone just recently (iPhone 3GS, iPod nano fifth generation) and the iPad still does not have a camera to record a video or shoot snaps. However, with iPhone 4, Apple took a leap ahead in this direction when at WWDC 2010; Steve Jobs announced that iMovies app for iPhone would be available to users for all their video related needs.

iBooks Now Available For A Free Download From App Store

One of the newest features of iPhone 4 highlighted by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2010 was the support for iBooks. Originally designed for the iPad, the iBooks app lets people read their favorite e-Books in an exciting new way. Now, Apple has made available the iBooks app for download on its App Store for iPhone users.

FaceBook 3.1.3 For iPhone Launched

Currently there are many online social networks. The most popular of these networks are Twitter and Facebook. Smartphone users can use a lot of application for Twitter because the basic usage of Twitter simply requires reading the Tweet feed and responding to messages.

Transmission 2.0 BitTorrent Client Released

Everyone who uses peer-2-peer sharing via torrents knows, or at some point, used Transmission. It is one of the most popular bitTorrent downloading clients all over the world, used by many. Transmission is a community developed, multi-platform bitTorrent client which is the default torrent application in many distros of Linux including Ubuntu.

How to Get Notifications on Address Bar for New Gmail Messages In Chrome

If you are a Google fan who uses the combination of Gmail on Chrome, then you must have come across many Chrome extensions that complement Gmail. Many of these are new email notification tools and are a great help to the Gmail user. However, sometimes the developer couples this simple function along with many of other Google’s service to produce a cluttered mesh.

Instant Messaging Notifier For Chrome

Having multiple instant messaging accounts on different websites is a little difficult to manage. There are different applications to sign into and different windows to operate. Moreover each instant messaging client has its own interface which makes everything a little more complicated.