Store and Carry Useful Utilities On Your Flash Drive With NirLauncher

If your job requires you to solve computer problems on the site, you might require special software or programs to get the job done. Since you cannot carry your actual hard disk around with you everywhere you go, flash drives are the most viable option.

NirSoft makes use of the flash drives so many of us own and presents NirLanuncher.

So, what is NirLaunch?

NirLaunch is a small utilities’ package (about 7 MB in size) which you can store on your flash drive and carry around to use on whichever Windows computer you want.

The utilities contained in NirLauncher include

Password recovery utilities:


This list includes great tools which let your recover forgotten password. MessenPass, for instance, collects all the passwords of your installed instant messaging clients and shows them to you, along with their respective usernames. Remember, you can always view a program’s description (in front of its icon) to read what it does.

Network monitoring tools:

These network monitoring tools make further internet functions possible. Take the PingInfoView tool for example; it lets the user ping multiple host names and IP addresses in a matter of few mouse clicks.

Internet browser tools:

The main feature of Web Browser tools is to make the Cache of each browser readily available. Even for browsers with an unconventional caching system (such as Chrome), you can access the files.

Utilities related to audio and video files:

If you are unable to view a video file or listen to an audio file, then check its codec and see whether or not you have it installed. You can find out the installed codecs using the Video/Audio related utilities. The tools within this category provide other audio/video functions as well.

Internet related utilities:

The programs in this section provide you with many internet related tools. Some of the functions enabled by these programs are customizing internet explorer, getting information about a registered domain, and converting HTML documents to TXT files.

Command-Line utilities:

With command line utilities you can check your connected wireless devices.

Desktop utilities:

The desktop utilities will help you modify the ‘Open With’ list that is shown when you right-click on an object. Other functions are also available which make it easier for you to manage your system.

Microsoft Office/Outlook Utilities:

Outlook utilities can show you a summary of your Outlook program saving you time.

Tools for programming:

Programmers will find tools in this category particularly helpful in analyzing the system they are working on.

System utilities:

System Utilities contains an impressive array of tools serving many purposes ranging from showing the list of installed Windows updates to cleaning registry values.

Miscellaneous other utilities:

Miscellaneous utilities contain tools which cannot be classified into any other category. They have their own special purposes. For instance WinFontsView can show you all the installed fonts on your system.

If at any moment this list of amazing utilities falls short of the task at hand, you can easily add additional utilities to your NirLauncher by following the instructions on the product’s website.

NirLauncher is your complete toolbox for countless computer related issues and you can pack this toolbox neatly into your flash drive. It is undoubtedly the must-have tool for all computer experts and troubleshooters.

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