Automatically Reload Web Pages with ReloadEvery

Let us suppose that you are a Firefox user and have posted a response in a thread on a popular internet forum. You want to be able to read the new post in that thread as soon as it happens. Of course you can keep clicking the Refresh button or keep pressing the F5 key every now and then. But would it not be great to automate this task?

With ReloadEvery, you can automate that Refresh task.

ReloadEvery is a free Firefox add-on that lets you automate the task of refreshing a webpage. What is even greater is that you can specify the time interval after which the page gets refreshed.

With the add-on installed and enabled, you will see an arrow next to the reload button. Click this arrow to pull down ReloadEvery’s menu:

Reload Options

Alternatively you can right-click on an area of the webpage to access this menu:


First you select your time interval after which the page needs to be refreshed. If the intervals in the menu are not what you need, then click on ‘Custom’ and enter your own time interval:


Once you have specified the time period, decide which page you want refreshed periodically. If it is the page in the current tab then you have to simply click on ‘Enable’. If you want all current open tabs to refresh, click on the ‘Enable All Tabs’ option.

If ReloadEvery has been enabled on a particular tab, it automatically gets disable once you change the URL or browse over to a new page in the same tab.

Some Firefox users have reported not being able to this add-on’s menu on certain sites. This is due to the website and not a malfunction of the add-on. To prevent the site you are visiting from blocking the menu you can go into Tools -> Options -> Content (tab) -> JavaScript Advanced (topmost one), then uncheck “Disable or replace context menu”.


ReloadEvery is one of Firefox’s countless great add-ons and should benefit all its users.


  1. About Opera, I’m not sure. But about Firefox, I’m positive you’re mistaken. The arrow with the reload button and the reload-by-time-interval option by right-clicking on the webpage, do not exist in simple Firefox

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