Create Your Own Animated Videos Online With Memoov

It’s always fun to watch animations. Whether the message is serious or humorous, animations in their comic manner are successful in conveying it. While making detailed cartoon animation might require extensive training, you can still create simple (yet visually amazing) ones using various online tools and services. One such online service is Memoov.

Memoov is a website that helps you create simple animations. These animations let you choose the scene, the objects that will go in the scene, and the characters. You can even add your own music and your own audio files for the characters to say.

The first step you take in order to take advantage of Memoov’s services is register for a free account. Then you log in with the username you assigned yourself and click on the ‘Create Animated Video’ button:

Select from an array of scenes your animation will begin from (in our example I chose the swimming pool scene):

Then proceed to select a character to add in your scene:

If a character’s picture says ‘edit’ on it then you will be taken to a screen to further customize your selected character. For instance I chose the Bigfoot and I proceeded to change the color of its body parts and even his entire physique:

When you’re done, click on the ‘Add’ button which you’ll find below the character customization panel; consequently you will be taken to your selected scene with your customized character added to it. You can position him with your mouse:

You can see that besides your character you have various options available. ‘Expression’ lets you choose what expression your character has. In the following picture, I chose grumpy and Bigfoot’s face instantly reflected my choice:

‘Speak’ lets you record your voice which will then be said by your character. The recording is also done within the browser. Click on ‘Speak’ to start recording and then on the green play button to hear what you just recorded:

The ‘Walk’ button lets you move your character around, specifying the course he will be walking:

Other tools located to the left of the panel provide additional functionality. The first button lets you add more characters. The second button lets you add objects:

Using the third button, you can add text in your scene:

The last two buttons let you change the camera positioning, add effects, and select what audio/music should be playing. You can either select from the list of available songs or upload your own:

The right side of your animation panel can be used to take down notes on what each scene is about. Once you’re done with a scene, add a new scene using the bar on top of your panel.

Once you’re done with your animation, click on ‘Save & Produce’ to name your project. Use the same button if at any stage you would like to save your project:

If you choose to finalize your video, it will be processed by Memoov and then uploaded on their Youtube channel. You will be notified by email once this is done:

Animations can serve multiple purposes; you can create them for entertainment or to give your presentation a unique touch. Whatever purpose you make them for, with Memoov you no longer need to be an animations expert to get the desired result.

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