Easily Translate Text and Web Pages in Google Chrome

When you are searching for something on the internet, you might come across websites which are not in your native languages. There are online services like Google Translate which can be used to translate words in to other languages but that can be time consuming. To get rid of this problem, we came across an excellent extension, Bubble Translate, which can be used to translate words without opening any websites.

How to Play Classic Games in Google Chrome [Extension]

Lately, we have covered few useful Google Chrome extensions like Typing Speed Monitor, Google Dictionary etc. Today, we came across another excellent chrome extension, Classic Game!, which enable users to play all the popular classic games in Google Chrome.

Test and Improve Your Typing Speed in Google Chrome

Ever wondered how fast you could type and how you can improve your typing speed? Recently, we came across an excellent extension, Typing Speed Monitor, which can perform this task. Typing Speed Monitor extension for Google Chrome gives you statistics of how fast you can type, which characters you used the most and how much time you spent typing.

Find Meanings of Different Words in Google Chrome

In past, we have covered a great utility, Lingoes, which can help you find meaning of different words. Today, we came across an excellent extension for Google Chrome which can help you find meaning of words just by clicking on them. Google Dictionary is an excellent extension for Google Chrome which helps you find definitions of words as you browse the web.

Easily Backup Mozilla Firefox Profile Settings

Consider a situation when you are browsing and suddenly your browsers crashes. You restart the browser and notice that all your bookmarks, history and profile data is lost. To get rid of this problem, we found an excellent utility, MozBackup, which can help you backup your Mozilla Firefox of Thunderbird data in few simple clicks.

How To Easily Convert Images Into Text Documents Online

Correcting mistakes on printed documents can become a tedious task if you do not have its digital copy. First you will need to make a digital copy by typing up the entire document in a text editor, and then editing it according to your needs. Thankfully however OCR technology allows us to recognize text from digital images and auto-create text files from them.

Clean Up Your Digital Music Library With TuneUpMedia

If you download music from the internet or rip CDs without checking their tags, there is a good chance your music library is in a haphazard state. There will be songs there without the proper titles, tags, or cover art. If you start manually correcting this issue and begin to manually sort out your library, you will end up spending hours on the task.

5 Free Games For Android Phones Worth Checking Out

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You aren’t taking full advantage of your smartphone until you’re playing games on it. Games can greatly help kill time while entertaining you. Having covered a number of iPhone games, today I am going to share 5 great games for the Android based smartphone.