7 Steps to gift your mom the best on Mother’s Day

Wondering what to gift your mother this Mother’s Day? Greeting cards, flowers, jewellery and chocolates are all passé; it’s the new age mom we are talking about so the gift should also match her persona. This Mother’s Day make your mom feel special by gifting her a fabulous holiday for her to unwind and get away from the regular boring chores. Forget about holiday planning, booking etc. Just focus on packing your & your mom’s best clothes because Microsoft gives you a never before opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to Thailand for your mom and you! All you need to do, to participate is create a 2 minute video that captures your most treasured moments with your mom & lets her know how much she really means to you. So, there is no better day than Mother’s Day to let your mom know how special she is in your life.

You can participate in the “Windows Mom & Me” contest on Windows & Me Face book Community page and stand a chance to win this holiday for your mom.

Windows and Me


The 7 step process:

  1. Firstly log on to “Windows & Me” Facebook community page
  2. Select photos that represent all that your mother means to you, it’s how you want to salute your mother
  3. Create a video of less than 2 minutes using these photos
  4. You may create this video using the Windows Movie Maker (In XP, Vista, search for moviemk.exe in the Run command; for Windows 7, download Live Essentials)
  5. Upload this video on the Windows and Me page and give a caption to your video
  6. Do tag yourself to the video and add the tag for the Windows And Me page (@Windows And Me) to the caption
  7. Encourage your friends and family to like and comment on the video

The participant, whose video will get the maximum number of “Likes” will win an all expense paid trip to Thailand. The contest will be running from April 27 till May 7, 2011 while the winner will be announced on the Windows & Me page on Mother’s day – May 8.

So, what are you waiting for! Log on and make this Mother’s day the best ever with Microsoft!

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