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Tutorial Thursday: Uploading with cPanel

This tutorial is for those of you who have the cPanel as your hosting control panel. cPanel’s File Manager is a very powerful and versatile tool to use to upload your website. A very useful feature offered by it is the ability to extract zip, tar and gz archive files. This article with guide you on using the file manager to upload your entire website “quickly”.

Step 1:- Creating a ZIP archive

You will need an archiving program to create a zip file of your website. I will use WinRAR.

  1. First enter your website folder on your computer e.g. my website folder on my computer is D:Sitestechtites
  2. Select all the files and folders to be uploaded.
  3. Rightclick and select Winrar > Add to Archive. Select ZIP and click OK. It creates an archive with the name techtites.zip

Step 2:- Uploading

  1. Login to cPanel by visiting http://yourdomainname.com:2082
  2. Click on File Manager
  3. Click on the little folder next to public_html to enter it.
  4. Click Upload file(s). Click Browse and browse to the ZIP file created above. In this case D:Sitestechtitestechtites.zip. Click Upload. Once the file is uploaded you return to the screen in Step c above.
  5. Click on the the ZIP file now. A new page loads in the top right frame. Click on Extract File Contents. A new window opens and the file is extracted.
  6. Click on Delete File to delete the ZIP. The left frame refreshes and you will see all your website files.

Step 3:- Viewing your site

Open yourdomain in your favorite web browser and see your website loading.


  1. To upload files through Plesk File Manager:

    Log in to Plesk control panel.
    Click the domain name you need.
    Click the File Manager icon in the Hosting group.
    Create and upload files and directories.

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