How to calculate NPV in Excel using Functions

Calculate NPV in Excel

In the last two posts, you learnt the basics of Net Present Value (NPV) and how to calculate NPV using formulae. However, Microsoft Excel makes it easy for you with two inbuilt functions. The first is NPV (surprise!) and the second is XNPV (my favourite). NPV From the official help article, NPV takes the following… Continue reading How to calculate NPV in Excel using Functions

How to calculate NPV in Excel using Formulae

Calculate NPV in Excel

I've covered the basics of Net Present Value (NPV) previously. If you don't know what NPV is, then please read that post first before continuing. After reading this post, you will be able to learn how to use Excel to calculate NPV of cash flows. This tutorial will teach you how calculate the NPV using… Continue reading How to calculate NPV in Excel using Formulae

How to prevent CSRF vulnerability in WordPress plugins and themes


Recently the folks at Secunia contacted me regarding a vulnerability in my plugin Contextual Related Posts. Contextual Related Posts is a powerful plugin for WordPress that allows you to display a list of related posts on your website and in your feed. The plugin comes with a tonne of options and inbuilt caching that can possibly increase user retention.

5 Steps to setup your Google Inactive Account Manager

Inactive Account Manager

In today's day and age where most of our information is online, including banking information and more importantly emails, it is essential to think about what happens to this data in case of an untimely passing. Similar to making a will to bequeath your belongings to your near and dear ones, planning your digital afterlife is essential. Yesterday, Google launched a new feature called Inactive Account Manager that helps you in this regard, at least in the case of all things Google.

How to delete unused or less used post tags in WordPress

Delete Tags

If you've been running a multi-author blog like us, over a period of time, you'll see your list of tags growing exponentially. When I reviewed the number of tags on Techtites today, I noticed that this was well over 1,100 tags! So, I went into the Tags interface and immediately realised that I'm going to spend an hour just deleting and cleaning up tags.