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FeedDemon 3

There are quite a few RSS readers out there and after taking a look at a few of them I stumbled upon FeedDemon.

To be more specific FeedDemon 3, which is currently in it’s beta state and is available for download here.

For those who have never used FeedDemon, it is a really neat and clean RSS reader that makes keeping track of and reading your feeds extremely easy. You can download your feeds and browse them even when you’re offline and it even includes a panic button incase you’ve overshot your unread feeds limit (which can be set), which will just tag your feeds as read.

And for the current FeedDemon users, there are quite a few new features in the new beta that might be of interest to you.

There are tonnes of new features for twitter users (subscribing to Twitter feeds with avatar images, Twitter timelines,  popups for short urls that display the redirected page, replying to Twitter posts directly, etc..). Additionally FeedDemon is planning integration or synchronization with Google RSS reader. (This may not be included in the early Beta versions but is expected to be added in.) You can still download your feeds from your favourite online reader and sort them in FeedDemon. The new setup allows you to add lots of new subscriptions just by clicking on check boxes.

For those new to FeedDemon and still needing some persuasion, here’s a list of features that should definitely get you thinking about at least giving FeedDemon a try.

  1. Newspaper Format: When you select a channel, FeedDemon’s tabbed browser displays the channel’s news items in a newspaper for easy reading. You can display a newspaper of news items for an entire folder or view one feed at a time.
  2. News Bins: Store news items in a central location and provide a handy way to collect items from different channels. If you find an interesting item that you might want to read again, just store it in a news bin for future reference. News Bins are synchronized through the NewsGator Online platform, so you can read these items from FeedDemon on other computers as well as other NewsGator readers.
  3. Synchronization: Read a post in FeedDemon and it is marked as read in other NewsGator readers.
  4. Shared Experience: See what news is popular with other NewsGator users and find out who is linking to the news you’re reading.
  5. Video: Watch embedded video right within the newspaper view.
  6. Panic Button: Ever gone on vacation and gotten a little behind on your reading? The Panic Button solves this and many other problems by quickly marking all older items read.

(Of course, these are just features of the current ‘live’ version.. just to entice you a little.)

So if any of you have given FeedDemon a go, let us know what you think and how your experience has been

    As a gentle reminder; You can now download FeedDemon’s latest beta version here.


    1. Hey nikhil
      Even I love Feed demon like anything.
      Initially I used to love Google reader but then I moved to feed demon an I never looked back..

      Meanwhile I just went through your archieve and realize your website is here from long and some how I realize your website can be much mcuh great because techtitles is here for long.
      Let me know if I can be of any help..
      Along with the redesign and SEO of your blog…

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